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MER Episode 38: The Summit Part 2

MER Episode 38: The Summit 2: PvP

PvP details are here! In this episode we discuss, at length, what we experienced during our second day at BioWare Austin’s FanSite Summit last week. We were able to participate in several rounds of the Alderaan Warzone in SW:TOR and we’ll give you every gory and tantalizing detail. Also, we discuss the latest breaking information on the next Warzone in SW:TOR.

Before we even get to the PvP, we’ll share our personal experiences with the Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent classes in more detail. Believe it or not, we have even more to share on top of Alderaan, Nal Hutta, and killing our fellows across the room. So, get a snack, sit back, and enjoy as we bring you 90 minutes of SW:TOR… and kittens. Our first regular episode with the new duo is a big one! Join in on the discussion in our forums! If you haven’t read Evan’s detailed breakdown of Day 2, you can do so here.

Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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Discussion Topics
– Bounty Hunter and Agent story and mechanics
– Alderaan Warzones
– PvP Combat

6 replies on “MER Episode 38: The Summit Part 2”

Awesome! got the podcast working! I envy you both, especially since now theres rumors of a push back to 2012… But if i waited this long i gues 1 more year wont hurt =/

Awesome podcast, only just started listening past few weeks; you guys have a great balance of coverage and a level-headed approach that is not too speculative. Really appreciate the feedback from the summit!

Great Podcast! Just started listening to you last week. So far episodes 37 & 38 have been excellent. I did the whole Goldilocks thing this whole month starting with Darth Hater then to Torocast and then found you. You guys are perfect. You balance enough info and fluff, To make it very enjoyable to listen to. This has made the wait for SWTOR tens times better. Wished I was listening to you guys two months ago when the official Forum SWTOR trolls were driving me crazy. Like I said Thank you for a excellent program and keep up the great job you guys are doing 🙂

If they pushback into 2012, it won’t change SWTOR but they will lose membership. Guild Wars 2 looks to be a significant competitor. Tera will be more action oriented, but these are both MMOs with different mechanics and new ways of doing things that will bleed off some people who are looking for something new.

I think their “let’s make it perfect” is a mistake, unless that’s a smokescreen for “its not close enough to done yet”…

Great Show guys! other podcasts which I won’t name have dull long discussions about moot points and don’t move the show. And another show has a girl with speech a impediment, poor social skills and overall annoying voice that contributes nothing.

You guys on the other hand are doing it right. My only suggestion is to add more energy and enthusiasm to the show opening and segments.

PS, I love the bumper clips very nice!

Good work. I just found you tonight and you covered the topics without giving away to much information. After all the hard work you have done on this site, the information you are giving the general public doesn’t cost Bioware a dime. You deserved everything they gave you.