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MER Episode 35: PAX Mortem

MER Episode 35: PAX Mortem

In this this week’s episode of Mos Eisley Radio we are joined by Stephen Reid (Senior Online Community Manager) and David Bass (Senior Community Coordinator) to discuss the ins and outs of planning a massive conference presence like PAX East. From booth design to queuing to why Bioware probably wouldn’t announce a release date at PAX, Stephen and David share some great insight into the community team.

Also, the time has come that I (Brooks) can announce this will be my last show with Mos Eisley Radio. Many of you know that I’ve been on the job search recently, and through a fantastic series of events, I’m joining Bioware as an audio editor on the creative services team. The best thing though? Mos Eisley Radio and Open Bounty aren’t going anywhere! Zach has some great plans in place to continue to bring the community top notch discussions about SWTOR. I’ve spelled out many more details and thanks on the show and on my “goodbye thread”.

Of course, we really want to hear your thoughts on the PAX East discussions, and there’s no better place to do that than on our FORUMS!

Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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Discussion Topics
– The Taral V playthrough
– Booth design and Queues
– Is PAX the place to announce a release date?
– Top PAX East Moments
– Brooks’ Departure from MER, and new job at Bioware

10 replies on “MER Episode 35: PAX Mortem”

Another joins the Dark Side at Bioware Austin! @Brooks Sad to hear you leave Mos Eisley, but glad to hear you’ve got a position at Bioware, practically a dream job for you. @Zach I know you’ll continue to do your best to keep Mos Eisley as one of the high quality fan sites out there for SWTOR. In addition, great interviews with Stephen and David.

Holy (insert David Bass swear word), congratz Brooks. That is pretty incredible. Kudos to you sir. And it is also much deserved.

Also Zach, you’ll do great with MER. I hope you aren’t actually worried. All will be well.

Otherwise, great podcasts guys. (I got a little emotional at the end with the goodbyes).


Wow congrats to you Brooks… i cant believe it 😀 Hope this will be the job you’ve dreamed of 😉 and say hello to Brandon from the community 😉 you are two very lucky guys

Congrats Brooks! Damn shame to see you leave MER though 🙁
Hope all goes well with the job at BioWare. I hope you’ll make appearances on later shows still, even if you’re not a full-on part of it.

Aw Brooks man, bitter sweet this departure is. I listen to (and watch) MER because of the way you guys throw down but the one thing that always stood out was the production quality of MER over other similar fansites, so the marriage makes sense. Thanks for all the hard work and long hours you and Zach put into this community. Best of luck broseph.

And Zach, we got your back.

Awsome news Brooks. I hope this opportunity jump-starts your career, well done and all the best for your future.

Awsome show guys, Lol’d a few times..

Just really found this site and i think its fantastic. Its a real shame that your leaving the show and the site, but people are happy for you and its a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do the fan community proud!

Also say hi to Brandon from Torocast for us 😀

Take care.

Great episode guys, sad to see Brooks go, but Very Happy for him, and I didn’t say I expected to see a release date, I said I hoped to see one, but that I expected to see a trailer.

Good show guys!
I was very disappointed in how they ran The SWTOR play at Pax East. With an event as large as it is, having 45 min play sessions just made it rediculous to try and get peoples hands on the game. Case in point, all play sessions were filled up almost immediately after opening on Sat. Very upsetting.
Also letting folks who CLEARLY had already been through the hands on should not have been allowed, that would have given others more of a chance. Even a ten minute play session would have allowed so many more people to play the game thus making for a more positive experience.