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Open Bounty 006: Stephen Reid

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In the last of our interviews from PAX East, Stephen Reid chats with us about his role as the Senior Online Community Manager, and what guilds and fansites can expect from Bioware over the next couple of months.

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7 replies on “Open Bounty 006: Stephen Reid”

sweet video’s guys… keep it up… really liked your bit with Stephen Reid, you asked more questions that I would have asked than most of the other fan site interviews (at least that I’ve read so far). Curious to see what their next fan-site plug is going to be, or did I miss it already?

Cool interview….hey! hang on a second…take off Stephen’s beard and glasses, imagine dunking him in the Darkside for a bit and he looks just like the dude in the picture behind him!

Didn’t catch this Video on twitter. Please don’t forget link and announce new videos like this on Twitter. Unless OpenBounty has another twitter feed I don’t know about?