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Open Bounty 003: Space Combat

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Space Combat has been one of the most divisive features so far announced for Star Wars The Old Republic. While many fans desire to see space included in the game, some have reservations about the “tunnel-shooter” style that will be present at launch. On this week’s Open Bounty we take a look at what space combat means for Star Wars, as well as the importance of player ships beyond battle.

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17 replies on “Open Bounty 003: Space Combat”


Another amazing exchange of information and opinions that make sense and are compelling to listen to. The footage is interesting along with the location for the shoot. Please continue to make the effort to get these out to us, as they keep the SWTOR wait pass by much easier.


Great clip. When you guys talk about it still being “4 months away minimum” my heart dropped in my stomach though. Please think positive and fool me into thinking it is coming out April 1st.

Great show you guys! I completely agree that the game is at least 4 months away if not easily 6 months. While I know you guys are “OK” with the current iteration of space combat is there are speculation in your mind that the delay could be centered around revamping space combat due to the poor reception it had on the SW:TOR forums?

Great show, loved it.

Zach’s reaction during the blooper is priceless. Please, keep them coming.

Great series so far, but what’s with all the de-interlacing artifacts in this one?

Agree Zach, confimation on customization of ships is appreciated anytime soon!!!

Great show again, thanx guys!!! 😀

Hi guys,

really great show you did there. It’s interesting the way you discuss about things and your exchange of opinions. Keep up the good work.

What came to my mind during your discussion, that I would find it very nice, not just to hang up some trophies you got from quests or achievements, but wouldn’t it be nice to some sort of weapon or armor rack?
Maybe while you play you get some weapon or armor (via loot or crafting doesn’t matter) and you really like the look of those, but after a while you can’t use it anymore, because the weapon or armor isn’t powerful enough anymore. But on the other side, you also don’t want it to just lay in your bank or even worse throw it away or sell it for a non reasonable price to a NPS vendor.
I hope, that Bioware is giving us the chance to hold on to some things like that.

Regards from Gemany,

great show, i like the idea of customizing your ship in terms of weapons or at least changing the look so every ship isn’t the same.

Awesome videos guys… digging the Open Bounty stuff. I have another thing to point out in terms of the importance of customization. If it comes to a point where we can pvp in space, we NEED to be able to do something to our ships to set us apart from each other. I don’t want to be in a pvp match where every jedi is flying the exact same ship regardless of achievements and efforts to improve said ship… or where every smuggler has the exact same millennium falcon clone… we need to be able to level our ship with gear just like we can level our characters with gear.

I hope they don’t allow for that much of customization. As being one who played Galaxies it got to be WAY too much. It was over bearing on the amount of stuff people had and it just looked plain ugly, plus the thought and having thousands of things to collect like they did in galaxies is also too much. They are doing a great job with the simplistic clean look and feel of the game and they would ruin it if they add that feature.