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MER Episode 19: Known Associates

MER Episode 19 - Known Associates

With the development team knee-deep in E3 prep, the news cycle for the past few weeks has slowed down just a bit, but not completely! In the episode we discuss the new info on Companions, the updates to the Sith Warrior, and what famed Galaxies developer Matt Boudreaux might bring to the SWTOR team. With E3 coming up next week, be sure to keep an eye out for our wrap-up episode at the end of the week. We’re extremely excited to see what Bioware has in store for us!

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News from the Galactic Republic
(5/28) Companions Updated
-Dedicated page in the Game Systems section
-Original article w/ James Ohlen at IGN
-Vette added as first companion for the Sith Warrior. Vette in the Biographies section
-Vette’s Aurebesh hints of Lord Baras and the Star of Kala’uun

(5/28) Sith Warrior Updated on the HoloNet
-Epic new video set on Korriban
-New layout of the class page
-Preliminary video dissection at Darth Hater

Stories from the Outer Rim
(6/4) Star Wars Galaxies developer Matt Boudreaux, aka AdeptStrain, joins the SWTOR team
-Original article at Massively
-“Welcome” thread on the Official Forums

(5/26) Bioware opens new Customer Service office in Ireland
-Jobs listing page at

New Segment – We still need a name!
(6/1) Sony Online Entertainment announces Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures
-Marketed by Sony as a “virtual world” moreso than an MMO
-Primarily mini-game based (space battles, tower defense, speeder bike racing, etc.)
-Includes things like pets and player housing
-Launches free in the fall, optional payment scheme for extra features
-Detailed post at Massively
-Interview with SOE at Massively