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MER Episode 17: Microtransawesome?


It has been much too long since we’ve been able to record a new show…and the ridiculous amount of news we cover in episode 17 reflects that! Going all the way back to Voss, we touch on all of the updates through the new Developer Video #4 on Combat. In an effort to give new features like the “Inhabitants” section and the new webcomic the attention they deserve, we’ll be discussing those on episode 18. But there’s more here than just official updates! Based on the recent news around Blizzard’s Celestial Steed mount, we dive headfirst into a great discussion on micro-transactions and how Bioware will likely include them in The Old Republic.

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News from the Galactic Republic
(4/9) New Planet Added: Voss
-Voss in the Holonet
-Aurebesh translation from the Holonet Project
-Breakdown of info at Wookiepedia

(4/16) New Timeline: “Peace for the Republic?”
-“Peace for the Republic?” at
-Lore Update and breakdown of the events from Darth Hater

(4/23) The Old Republic in Print
-Star Wars: The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance
-Threat of Peace Webcomic
-Star Wars: The Old Republic: Deceived

(4/23) Combat in Star Wars: The Old Republic
-Video Documentary #4 at
-Orange box dissection from Darth Hater

Stories from the Outer Rim / Community Poll
Do real-money transactions for in-game items hurt your game experience?
* Yes. Bioware should only allow items to be obtained through the game itself (69%, 61 Votes)
* No. It is okay to pay real money for items in game (31%, 28 Votes)

If Bioware were to accept real-money transactions, what items should you be able to purchase?
* Non-combat / Vanity items (Pets, clothes, hats, etc.) (97%, 74 Votes)
* On-planet mounts (Speeders, Tauntauns, etc.) (34%, 26 Votes)
* Ships (If included in the game…) (17%, 13 Votes)
* Armor and Weapons (7%, 5 Votes)

See where this whole discussion started over at