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Re: AlanShotFirst :: ep37 :: story story story

Posted: 05 Jan 2012, 19:12
by Elkatt
DarthPlow wrote:My story had a little bit of a slow burn to start but has become really exciting. My favorite past was when I did the stuff with the thing at the place with the dude in it. :P
Oh man, you totally ruined it for me, lol :)

AlanShotFirst :: ep37 :: story story story

Posted: 06 Jan 2012, 01:34
by WhiteFox
I have to say I e really enjoyed my story so far, and how it is developing. Though I'm only level 24, so not quite done with Chapter 1. The feeling that I am the last hope of the galaxy is true, because, well, I AM! All my level 24 epicness. Just ask Satele Shan; she keeps asking me to do stuff no one else can!


I do like my interaction with my companions, and the impact they have on conversations. Though I would like to have more one on one conversations with them.

•Seth/White Fox

Re: AlanShotFirst :: ep37 :: story story story

Posted: 06 Jan 2012, 07:28
by Animus
Honestly the class stories are interesting, but I am deeply disappointed by the fact that I wanted to play my Sith Warrior as Neutral but basically couldn't. In the other BW games, you have a good choice, a neutral, and a bad. I really don't know why they didn't do it here. Every time there was a major plot twist, I had to choose good or bad. Sometimes there's even ones that only have good choices or only have bad choices, which annoys me even more. :evil:

For anyone who asks, I wanted to play neutral because I had a RP backstory planned out, which I basically have to scrap now. His story was going to be more or less a rogue who only cared about being the best and destroying anyone who got in his way, whether or not they were Empire or Republic. I didn't care about the LS/DS vendors, cause the stuff they sell isn't too impressive anyways. :roll:

Same thing with my Trooper, originally planned him to be offered a position in HAVOC squad but turned it down cause it would mean his previous team, which he had known for years, would get reassigned elsewhere. For those who have played the Trooper, you know why I can't use that story now. :roll: