Open Bounty 008: Bounty Hunter

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Re: Open Bounty 008: Bounty Hunter

Post by Ninomiya » 25 Jun 2011, 21:12

Firstly thanks for your efforts Zach and Evan.

Bounty Hunters eh? Well they sure got a big role in the whole Star Wars Universe. Sure the moment you hear Bounty Hunter you think of the Mandalorians and especially Boba Fett. But those thoughts sure are rightfully earned, just thought about how he gave Obi-Wan a very hard time even though he was still only a teen.

But I gotta say I kinda like the Cad Bane style more. He's more like a Bounty Hunter / Mafia don / Smuggler / Information Broker. He seems to make his money with his brain rather than brute force, I like his style.

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Re: Open Bounty 008: Bounty Hunter

Post by Red89 » 27 Jun 2011, 20:11

Let's not disregard the most important part... Zach is rocking the Boston Red Sox hat!!!!

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