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MER Episode 89: Twelve Parsecs Or Less

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26th December

Happy Life Day! Sure we may have missed Christmas by a day, but if I’m not too mistaken Wookiee Life Day is December 26th! Yeah, I just made that up… To repay your patience, we have a great new MER for you, full of SWTOR news, some LCG news, and a whole lot of the X-Wing Kessel Run tournament!

Come celebrate the holidays with friends you didn’t know you had over at the official MER forums! RPG talk, X-Wing squad composition, card games; they’re all being talked about right this very second!

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Discussion Topics
- New Legacy comics coming in 2013!
- Get Your Edge of the Empire Beginner Box Now!
- Edge of the Empire Free DLC!
- SWTOR’s Life Day Celebration
- Rise of the Hutt Cartel Announced!
- Kessel Run Tournament Recap

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MER Episode 88: So Long And Thanks For All The Coins

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6th December

After finally awakening from their turkey-induced comas, Leo and Evan return with all the gaming news and commentary you didn’t even realize you’d been missing! Of course, the biggest news since last episode was the launch of The Old Republic’s free-to-play model and the community’s reaction to it. Also, Leo will enthrall the listeners with his tale of attending the first X-Wing Miniatures World Championship weekend at the Fantasy Flight Event Center last month!

Editor’s note: Within the week following this recording, Evan has decided to give SWTOR another go with the good people of the TORWars Guild over on the Shadowlands server. His final judgement has yet to be decided, in case you were wondering.

Come join in the conversation over at the official Mos Eisley Radio forums! Don’t play SWTOR anymore? That’s alright; there’s plenty more to talk about!

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MER Episode 87: A Great Disturbance In The Force

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8th November

Last week the MER crew assembled for an emergency session to discuss the dramatic events surrounding the acquisition of Lucasfilm Ltd. by the Disney Corporation. Evan will act as your moderator and referee as JD, Zach, and Leo go back and forth on the last thirty years, last week’s announcement, and the future of our beloved franchise.

Let your voice be heard over at the MER forums and tell us why you disagree with everything we have to say!

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Discussion Topics
- The State of Lucasfilm Leading Up To Now
- The Marvel Parallel
- Goodbye, Dark Horse; We’ll Miss You
- Episode VII and Other Tales
- Our Wish Lists

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MER Episode 86: Speeders, Lasers, Armor Sets

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29th October

The MER crew is finally back for more action this week and they definitely came back with plenty to talk about! Leo and Evan welcome back Scott, aka, Tassadar, to give us his thoughts on the recently released Terror From Beyond Operation. They also catch you up on the changes made in the last three weeks of Edge of the Empire updates. There’s more news as well as some great community discussion to be found in this exciting episode!

Come over to the MER forums, say hi to our podcasters, and talk all about the current and upcoming Star Wars games, including SWTOR, X-Wing minis, Edge of the Empire, and more!

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Discussion Topics
- Edge of the Empire Updates 6, 7, & 8
- SWTOR Patch 1.5 Up, Down, and Up on PTS
- The Cartel Market Hits the PTS
- Tassadar Talks: … Read More »

MER Episode 85: Mass Affections

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10th October

We certainly hope you’re in the mood for a long nearly all-SWTOR episode, ’cause that’s what this 2-hour monster turned out to be! Leo and Evan welcome back JD for more of JD’s Crafting Corner and he brings us the nuts n’ bolts on how companion affection aids your crafting. Even with all the crafting talk, they still find time for news, including updates on X-Wing and Edge of the Empire errata.

JD’s Crafting Links:

dulfy’s guides: by far the best resource
esseles affection farming guide
buyer’s guide to the GTN

Let JD, Leo, and Evan know what you REALLY think over at the MER forums!

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Discussion Topics
- The SWTOR Community Cantina Tour
- We Lose Another Dev
- Fantasy Flight Updates
- More Fun With JD’s Crafting Corner

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