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About Alan Nauman

A lifelong Star War’s fan from Texas, Alan can’t remember a time in his life that he didn’t know that Darth Vader was Luke’s father. He watched the films randomly on VHS tapes recorded off of HBO at his Aunt and Uncle’s house back in the 80s and knew immediately that AT-AT walkers were the most epic transports ever created! Alan’s lore knowledge is quite shallow, but what he lacks in lore he makes up for in his die-hard fervor for everything Star Wars.

On his way home from Austin from the first Fan Site Summit, in early 2011, Alan came up with the idea for a quick, weekly video he called “90 Seconds w/Alan”. He had just met Zach, Evan, Brooks, Stephen Reid, David Bass and wanted to tell others in the community how much fun he had. He soon realized 90 seconds was too short and changed the name of the vidcast to “Alan Shot First” (aka ASF) at the suggestion of a friend. Alan hasn’t missed a week since he returned from that first Summit and looks forward to your input into each week’s discussion topic.

Most days he embraces his inner Obi-wan, but occasionally Han Solo’s sarcasm makes an appearance. Alan has dabbled in multiple MMOs including Everquest II, City of Heroes, and Rift, but spent 6 years playing World of Warcraft. He also serves our community as the Guild Leader of the official Mos Eisley Radio guild, MERC.

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