Aug 14

New 1313 Trailer

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1313 Trailer

There’s a finally some new footage for Star Wars: 1313. Take a look at this newest trailer, courtesy of IGN.

For the most part, this is just a minute and a half of footage that we’ve already seen, only re-cut. There are little bits of new footage interspersed throughout the video, most notably the wide shot of the actual level 1313 of Coruscant. I cannot wait to explore this place!

Level 1313

Still, this trailer really bothers me for the same reason that most Hollywood trailers annoy me these days. Too many jump-cuts, the “robot fart” sound effect that seems to be a prerequisite to all trailers these days, and the fade to black before a big action sequence. It’s like there’s only one guy in the world making every action/sci-fi movie trailer, and now he’s invaded the gaming world too.

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  1. ElionD says:

    You know it would be cool if I hadn’t seen every James Cameron film and played Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3 like a gillion times.

    There’s something about it that just smells of “copy cat”. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it’s like someone said “gee if we could put mass effect in the star wars universe, wouldn’t that be cool?” Or, “what if we did Blade Runner in the star wars universe?” Or, “what if we made star wars more ‘gritty’?” – Can you say “trendy” boys & girls?

    So, I’m just not feeling it because it lacks that originality, that je ne sais quoi, that makes a game genuinely cool.

    • Leo says:

      Oh man, I hear ya. I’ve been worried ever since I read that the creators intended to show us the “grittier, darker side” of Star Wars. Sure, the game LOOKS amazing, but will it actually be a fun game? I dunno, Force Unleashed looked beautiful too and look what we got there…

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