Aug 13

The Chevin Are Coming!

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The Chevin are Coming

We just received an email from Bioware that seems to be teasing the upcoming world event: The Grand Acquisitions Race. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

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  1. WolvenSpectre says:

    Well Gee BioWare thanks for a video that makes your microscopic alien language text even smaller. For those of us with normal sized screens and smaller we will never know what the alien said… Thanks.

    Sometimes I think the guys at BioWare/EA have no internal critics and an awful lot of yes and OK men and women. Obvious design issues, promotional materials problems, seemingly little work into looking at how players could take advantage and manipulate systems, and so on.

    I am glad I was unable to play until it goes F2P because I wouldn’t pay 70 bucks and 180 bucks a year for something this poorly implemented even though I like the story, voice acting, much of the writing, and the original companion system design.

    Then again to be fair my heart broke when I found out that they were (with some exaduration) choosing to make another WoW clone so I had to play it inspite of hating most things about the combat gameplay.

  2. Sam says:

    Well Gee Vimeo thanks for a video that I can resize with the 4 arrrows button. For those of us with a normal sized brain and smaller we will always know what the alien said… Thanks.

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