Aug 4

MER Episode 80: A New Hope

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Welcome back everyone to the first mostly new, relatively different episode of MER! At first, Leo and Evan weren’t sure what big news to talk about, but BioWare certainly delivered. The hosts tackle the big elephant in the room that landed last Tuesday, but they also have the latest news from the rest of the Star Wars gaming (and literature) universe!

Please do come visit with Leo, Evan, and the rest of the Mos Eisley Radio community over at our forums. Drop us a line, tell us what you think, and throw us your ideas for future shows!

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Discussion Topics
– Upcoming Book & Comic News
– SWTOR Gets Nominated
– MER-Q’s

Music on this show has been provided to us by General Fuzz

3 Responses

  1. Chaz says:

    Well guys, some people have been playing MMOs like WoW for +5 years and they are sick and tired of seeing the same stuff, its not their fault if they are not impressed with SWTOR, but I also think its not Bioware’s fault if they didnt accomodate the needs of those players that are already burned out on the genre.

    When I was waiting for the game to release I envisioned it was gonna be an experience like playing Dragon Age: Origins (I game I loved) but with the online elements from the MMO genre, Im not sure why some folk expected a total revolution when it was obvious that was not what they were going for.

  2. Robert says:

    IMHO its not that people are burned out on the genre.

    Just look at MERC, there are players that are going to be playing GW2 and its a MMO, so its not about being “burned out on the genre”.

    It could be about being burned out on same old same old dumb grind-non-innovative unfinished WoW-clones.

  3. Svarty says:

    MMO devs don’t have to go crazy with scripted raid encounter instances in their endgame content. They can just plant down a good quality, fun, varied, not-too-laggy pvp system and then take their time with whatever other content they wanted to add.

    For me, the best PvP is long battles on huge maps. I was a DAoC player – they had whole zones where objectives (keeps) changed hands and people would plot massive (300+ player) sieges on larger relic-keeps. I played WoW’s Alterac Valley to death (23 hour instanced battles = amazing).

    When I saw SWTOR’s PvP and experienced the lag, I thought, “they’d better have a plan B”. They didn’t. Sure, the instanced PvP was fun when it wasn’t too one-sided, but the large scale stuff was abysmal. It’s my opinion, and you can rubbish it if you like, but I think you can’t just have a plain field and expect the magic to happen.

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