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MER Episode 74: Countdown To Legacy

The other title of this ep was going to be “The AlanOssusDinerRadio-Cast” because we have a jam-packed episode of fun with Sunny Ravencourt, Guild Master Alan, Evan of Ossus, and fearless leader Zach. The gang hits everything from what they’ve been up to in game, more videos on the upcoming Legacy Patch 1.2, and spend plenty of time breaking down what each of them wants from future PvP content.

Let the MER staff and the rest of the community know what’s on YOUR mind over at the official forums. If you’re a visitor, feel free to introduce yourself and get to know the other members of our guild MERC!

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Discussion Topics
– Tales From the Outer Rim: Who’s 50, Who’s Not
– News From the Galactic Republic: New Legacy Video
– Community Discussion: The Future of PvP

Music on this show has been provided to us by General Fuzz.

7 replies on “MER Episode 74: Countdown To Legacy”

Ivory is part of the Smuggler story. I forget when you meet him but he agrees to help you hunt Rogun the Butcher or something.

in response to the latest episode segment on penalizing warzone bailers bioware should implement the following.

1. no joining an active warzone 5min after it has begun unless the sides are vastly uneven.
2. if players quit the warzone they are debuffed with “deserter” that cut 50% off of ALL stats for 1hr-12hrs. and given the title “deserter”for that time.
3. bailers are -200 valor

this will allow others to see and reticule players that have quit.

3. those who stay in a losing fight are given a positive appropriate title and buff that reflect that.

enjoy the show. i would like your discussion on this.

Deserters are a real problem, however, I think we forget that there are real world reasons for deserting a wz (I’ve only ever done it once myself). Examples: You enter a wz and …
…suddenly are invited to a 16 man op, if you don’t desert, you force 15 people to wait 20+ minutes.
…suddenly you get a phone call from work that you have to take.
…suddenly you hear glass breaking in the house and need to respond to it.
All that being said, deserting a losing battle just so you can requeue needs to be de-incentivised, just not too harshly.

My suggestion: 15 minute debuff on requeueing, -200 valor, no wz comm’s from that battle.

If you de-incentivise deserting the joining a failed wz problem will be greatly alleviated.

Also, having wz’s backfilled has won me at least 3 losing battles that I can think of. Voidstar is almost always a loss regarding backfilled spots, once you get too far behind the spawn points and timing of which spawn you hit cause a huge amount of rng. But two huttballs and an alderaan, I entered about halfway through a losing battle and the battle quickly turned around.

Love these podcasts… only thing that keeps me sane on my long walks to the gym!

I too am wildly frustrated by being completely unable to PvP during off-peak hours. Getting up early in the morning is often my only chance to sit and play without being interrupted. I would probably pay double the subscription fee, if not more, for cross-server WZ queues. Not to mention if your faction is outnumbered in Ilum you officially have nothing to do until peak hours. It drives me CRAZY!