Sunny’s Diner Prequel 21

Order Up! Let’s hear what you want served up at Sunny’s Diner for Episode 21. Also, congrats to our Very Important Patron winner, Brightwater! This is a pic of him and his wife (his REAL wife) after clearing through a flashpoint with their companions. A family that games together, dances together.

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What you want for Legacy, what you expect will happen with Legacy, what are the reasonable expectations for Legacy, and what you THINK will happen with Legacy.

Are you tired of killing droids that look almost exactly the same?

What is with that Foundry flashpoint and why is HK harder to defeat than Revan?

Is orange gear viable end-game?

Do you like pizza or hamburgers more?

Have you ever been to Australia?

Not there yet.

I think since legacy is going to interlink your characters, you should get quests and abilities based on the feats of others in your Legacy. Maybe something they did sends you on a quest to prove yourself worthy and you get some ability out of it.

Well, this isn’t an actual episode. It’s simply a post requesting topic suggestions. We release every two weeks on Thursdays, with our next episode due Thursday, February 9.

Ah, I should have read the paragraph that this is a prequel to the actual episode lol. Thanks.

I’d like to hear what the hosts think of their class stories in general terms without spoilers. My main is a Jedi Consular, and the story starts off slow then ramps up to get very interesting. Then there is a valley with a bunch of diplomacy content (yawn). Then the story ramps up again and becomes very interesting as you approach level 50. The class story is about Force mysteries, diplomacy, and foiling Sith plots. One of my companions seems too eager to get to know me better.