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MER Episode 68: Voice of Vette

In this episode of MER, we are excited to introduce a special guest joining us from sunny California for a time of Q&A. The wonderful & talented Catherine Taber was kind enough to come on our show & explain what it was like to be a part of the recording process of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Catherine, who is the voice behind the Sith Warrior companion Vette, is most know for her role on the Clone Wars animated series as the actress who plays Padme.

In this episode she gives us an idea of her experiences with such a massive video game project & shares a little insight on how things work behind the scenes. She also takes time to tell us about founding Games for Soldiers, which we highly encourage MER listeners to check out. Don’t forget to thank her via Twitter for coming onto our show!

As always, feel free to head over to the forums for the latest MER discussion!

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3 replies on “MER Episode 68: Voice of Vette”

Hi Guys! Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy your podcasts. I liked this podcast tangent. It was SWTOR related without being soley focused on the game. Way to keep things fresh! Thanks for a very enjoyable listening experience!

What a great person Cat Taber is … a talented actress and VO artist but also lookin’ out for the troops. Good on you, girl! I’m now haranguing my guild into donating.