MER’s First Official Game Night

Game Night

This community has been growing by leaps and bounds long since before we even got to the year we might get the game we’re all talking about. That being said, why should we wait to play together? We’ve been in the forums, talking about what games we all enjoy, now it’s time we got together. We’re happy to announce the first in what we hope will be numerous Mos Eisley Radio Community game nights! You don’t have to already be an inducted member of the MERC guild to participate, just someone from the forums who wants to hang out, frag, and get fragged.

Our first event will be with… StarCraft II! This will take place on Saturday, June 25th. If you don’t own SC2, shame on you. Regardless, if you still want to have fun at our virtual gathering, hop on vent and chat up the players! The next event could be your favorite game! If you are interested in joining us for this fantastic night of gaming fun, jump on our forums and let us know you are going to be there.

Let us know what you’d like to see the community enjoy together and we’ll see what we can make happen. For those of you who are more console oriented, don’t worry, we’ll get to you (Reach! Reach! Reach!).

3 replies on “MER’s First Official Game Night”

Sounds like a GREAT time. I will miss this one, but I will definitely be in for some HALO next time. Maybe we should take up a collection so Zach can play too.

Sounds great!! I hope to attend!! Better brush up on my SC2. I agree a Halo night would be fantastic! Reach? I’ve made a couple sick maps we could play on as well.