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Open Bounty 004: Daniel Erickson

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At PAX East 2011 we caught up with Daniel Erickson from Bioware and discussed a few things related to the game. The majority of our conversation revolves around class story and how it will impact your gameplay experience.

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16 replies on “Open Bounty 004: Daniel Erickson”

Well done! The TOR booth door was a bit distracting but funny with various Bioware employee cameos :p

Just a Great interview, smart questions and could listen to DE’s answers all day long. All that coupled with the usual slick editing/production values just equals WIN all over. Only niggle is maybe get the camera more on to your subject in a 3/4 shot, but I get that this is a convention and room isn’t exactly spacious. Loved seeing a certain Mr Reid near the start having a stare at what was going on. Can’t wait to see if you guys got any more interviews…

Very slick – you guys make damn sure you’re all putting stuff like this onto a demo reel for future job applications. This isn’t just “two guys with beards” goofing around with someone’s camera, so kudos to you both!

Thanks for all the comments and compliments everyone. Glad to see everyone is enjoying this.

@Roq777: We were trying to get that kind of a shot but it was very difficult because of the traffic directly behind the camera. Daniel constantly turns away from the camera which also made it difficult. I hated how it was just basically a straight 180 view of his face but it is how it worked out.

Good interview.

Intresting point. They no longer go by the majority choice in flashpoints but its now base on the combined roll score. That can make for some intresting playthroughts. 🙂

Great interview fellas. Awesome production as well. Mos Eisley is quickly becoming my favorite fansite, keep on keepin on.

I dug it, big time. You guys have done yet another excellent job. Fantastic editing and use of game footage. Love the 80’s 8-bit instrumentation for the music as well. And of course, excellent questions and poise during the interview. As someone has already said, who needs a resume when you’ve got footage like this. Great camera quality as well. What kind of camera is that?

Loved the gangster mean mug photo shoot at 10:23 😀

Also loved the traffic-cone-head-guy just walking around.

Fantastic interview with great detailed questions and responses. Keep up the great work!

P.S. I’ll miss you Brooks… Good Luck at Bioware Austin!