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MER Episode 32: Trolls Be Trollin

MER Episode 32: Trolls Be Trollin

PAX East is just around the corner! This week we take a look at the state of the community, and attempt to find the source of all the negative posts on the comments and forums. We also discuss Bioware’s plans for PAX East, and how the lack of a main stage show changes our expectations for the conference. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts by joining the discussion of this episode on the FORUMS!

We want to offer a big thanks to Darth Skirata and Ted Childers for taking the time to leave us reviews on iTunes.

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News From the Galactic Republic
2/18 – Fan Friday and Studio Insider
– Fan Site Spotlight
– New fan art, concept art
Discussion topic: Growing amount of negative comments on the Friday updates

PAX East Update
2/18 – New info on PAX East
– Community Meet and Greet on Saturday
– Huge emphasis on the expo floor: “Booth stage” with presentations running all weekend
– Still more specific announcements to come
Discussion topic: Thoughts on not having a big stage show (i.e. How would they handle a big reveal, if they even plan on having one at all)
Discussion topic: Epic trailers. Do they serve a purpose beyond building hype?

12 replies on “MER Episode 32: Trolls Be Trollin”

hey guys. I just heard about you this week and have sat through all 32 podcasts in less than 5 days . Just wanna say that this thing you are doing a great. and i love lisining to you go on and off topic from time to time during the show it is funny as hell.

thanks for doing what you’re are doing and

may the force be with you

p.s. props for adding wil wheaton end monologe at pax east 2010 during the break cause that speech is epic and really pumps you up about being a gamer. sorry for any bad grammer or spelling.

I think some of the people posting on the forums demanding release dates and such are people just looking for another game.

Face it, WoW’s xpac is dull as soon as you hit the level cap, unless you like running normal dungeons repeatedly to just get gear that lets you run the same dungeons repeatedly on Heroic to get gear to start the phase over again in larger dungeons.

I guarantee I can explain the “Bioware owes us” argument. In my first sentence I set an expectation. I have no contractual requirement to fufill that statement so I don’t “owe” you anything but if I don’t provide you anything then you feel that I have either failed to deliver or I “owe” you something more to live up to the expectation.

Bioware has set the expectation that “We are making an awesome game” but have provided very few details about game mechanics. As such people feel that they are “owed” more information. If they don’t provide this information we as the second party have a right to say, “you have to do better than that”.

If this fails to convince you please let me know if you feel I owe you a better explanation based on my above guarantee.

I have to agree about people’s negativity and sense of entitlement. I hope the frustration is actually just a result of everyone’s excitement about the game and not because the community is actually as petty as it seems sometimes. Like you said, BioWare’s consistency in updates is unprecedented, so I’m guessing people are just taking it for granted and forgetting that. There are some members who I can tell are being purposefully negative or playing devil’s advocate, and that can rile others up, but I have a feeling that will cool off once the game is actually out and everything’s out in the open. Well, people will still complain, but about new things!

I really like this discussion about the community, seriously. So much of this I’ve said in pieces across my posts on the forums, but it feels like I’m yelling at a wall most of the time. So it’s no wonder so many find refuge in other forums. I like the quantity of discussion that occurs on the main forums, just not the quality usually.

i like listening to your show. its good to hear some gaming radio. i’ve been waiting for this game for so long, and you guys almost fill the void of not being able to play the game yet.

hey guys, great podcast, i was wondering on episode 32 there was a song played at 23 minutes, and i was wondering what the song was called, have a good one

That song you are talking about is Shipping up to Boston by Drop Kick Murphys. Its on their Cd “Warrior’s Code”. It’s a great album.

First episode I’ve listened to and there’s a Jim Rome reference right off the bat…you have gained a listener sirs. =)

Brooks and Zach, great show as always. I’m looking forward to the news from Pax east, and I have hopes that they will announce a release date….

I’ve been listening for some time now and wanted to tell you guys what a great job you have been doing with the pod casts and the new bounty series! Keep them coming. Also I was cooking breakfest and was thinking you guys are doing so well why doesn’t Mos Eisley Radio get put into the new TOR MMO? Now before you say NO WAY!! think about it every time you land on Tatoonie and pass a News Terminal like in Mass Effect 1 and 2 we get to hear the news from you guys or even debates on who’s the best up and coming bounty hunter in the galaxy. You might want to pass that on to Bioware’s VP’s and see if they can add it in before launch. Mybe even get your voice overs in the game, now that would be cool!! Hope you try and let us know how it go’s.

Until next time and always listening fan